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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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their latest camp, far from the days of demonstrating outside city hall. they picked out this triangle of land carefully. >> the police can't do anything about it. we're on private property. >> reporter: part of the mission has always been to be visible to the public. this camp is virtually invisible to anybody driving by. >> jokingly, my wife mentioned maybe this is occupy oakland. why on earth would you occupy this particular plot of land? >> reporter: he's baffled. >> it doesn't disrupt anything, they're not visible, essentially you're speaking to deaf ears down here. >> reporter: but protesters who are already cleaning up and preparing for more people insist this camp can serve a positive purpose without being in the spotlight. >> i feel like it's our duty to make this a safe place for
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those who have nowhere to be. >> reporter: back out here live, here's another live look inside the camp. at least as of an hour ago, police were still waiting on a written consent form from the owners to move in here and clear this camp. there's at least one business owner nearby who says he already wants them out of here. we're putting together his comments for 6:00. >> occupy protesters stage a quiet today. they were wearing sandwich board signs as they marched in a crosswalk near financial centers and posh department stores. >> i'm simply here for the 25 million americans who are unemployed or underemployed, the 40 million americans who have no health insurance. we want to raise a consciousness of people who are shopping here in walnut creek. >> they have been demonstrating
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here for the past 14 weeks. we're following developing news from oakland where police are searching for a woman who allegedly ran down an innocent bystander while trying to get away from police officers. police tried to pull over the woman who was wanted on a felony warrant. they say she drove off. officers pursued her to the intersection of 98th avenue and eades street in oakland. the woman drove her car up on the sidewalk and crashed right into a man standing outside a store. she then drove away and has not yet been caught. the man was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. police are releasing new details about a hit and run crash that left a teenager hospitalized. the driver went up on to a sidewalk about 6:20:00 p.m. yesterday. the 16-year-old boy was struck and injured. police say the vehicle then fled the scene. officers followed a trail of debris and other fluids to a nearby target store and a
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surveillance camera got this picture of the man police say was driving the vehicle. the teen is in stable condition tonight. the owner of a prison company and the foreman were both ordered to stand trial today for the death of a pregnant woman who was crushed on the job. >> as she was leaning her body into the machine, this rotates up to meet the vertical activated and closed on her upper body. >> the district attorney's office gave grim details of the january 2008 incident that killed the 26-year-old woman. now the owner and the foreman will have to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter and workplace safety violations. >> we're very disturbed and that's why we're taking this so seriously. we're coming out publicly
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because this is the kind of stuff that's preventable. >> she was not properly trained and that the machine lacked safety device. if convicted, the owner and the foreman could be sentenced to four years in prison. workers at a candy factory spent the holidays on a picket line. employees of the american licorice company began their strike four weeks ago. they walked out when the company demanded they pay more for their health care and pension without an increase in their base pay. >> we've been here since december 5th and we've been going 24-7 every day. we make the red vines, the trays for the movies, super ropes. >> the company declined our request to comment on this strike today. when we first spoke with the company, officials say they have a long-standing positive relationship with their workers and expected the situation to be resolved. one of the nation's leading
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high-tech security companies based right here in the bay area put out a dire warning. hackers are coming after your money and your car through mobile devices. >> reporter: mobile devices become more a part of our every day. can users keep hackers from them and is that even possible? the ticker board at the security software form lists the malicious software being discovered every day. they released a report warning consumers hackers will step up attacks on smart phone apps, especially mobile banks in 2012. some users want to stop banking that way. >> there's a chance of, you know, someone getting into your account. >> reporter: people use mobile devices like pcs but without the same security protection. >> we say shut off non-
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essential antennas. turn off your bluetooth and apply the latest patches. >> reporter: the situation could get worse. the report also points out many new cars come with a dock to connect the mobile device to an on-board computer control system which means a criminal could take control of the vehicle while it's moving. >> we can unlock them, we can start them, we can deploy the air bags and apply the brakes with a smart phone. >> reporter: hackers are still ahead. >> they're trying to get us to think about this stuff so we address the problems. >> reporter: many mobile users say they have to risk it. >> i can't help it. i tend to depend on a lot of apps and that's where i use them. >> reporter: it's shaping up to be quite a cyber battle. the first basic step is to put
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anti-malware software on all devices because they can all be hacked. job seekers may not be getting much of a break next year. fewer than one-fourth of hiring managers plan to add more workers next year. they'll hire more permanent employees in 2012. 7% of companies plan to cut staff at the same percentage last year. holiday sales were up this year. shopper track says people spent $44 billion during the week before christmas. that's up 15% compared to a year earlier. and on the day after christmas, shoppers spent $7 billion. that's up 25%. overall, holiday sales are expected to be up 3.7% from last year. investor confidence was shaken by the on going debt
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crisis in europe. the dow, nasdaq, and s and p all fell today. 16-point loss on the s and p sent that index into negative territory for the year. nasdaq declined 35 points to 2589. new year's eve is just a couple of days away. the nation continues to try and recover from the recession. if all the parties planned in san francisco are any indication, things appear to be moving in the right direction. >> reporter: the thirsty bear will be packed on saturday night. like many hotels, they have a big party planned for new year's eve, but it's not cheap. tickets are now in the $170 range for open bar and hors
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devours. >> the fireworks at midnight are fantastic. >> reporter: plenty of revelers will choose cheaper options. >> there's no cover, they're open, and reasonably priced. we do a huge business. >> reporter: on the street, we found some people opposed to the big expensive parties and others who decide to stay close to home. >> i think it's outrageous. it's a let down usually. >> reporter: that $200 you spend because you usually go out at a couple when you share new year's, use that for a nice good bottle of champagne and a nice dinner with friends. >> reporter: all the revelry is good news for the city. >> what i've heard from businesses is there's cautious optimism. a lot of people are hoping 2012 will be a better year. there have been some signs of that. >> reporter: president of san francisco travel says all the
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indicators are positive. >> 2011 has been a very strong year for san francisco. our growth rate has been up substantially. we're confident the end of the year will see that same pattern. >> reporter: that's certainly what places like thirsty bear are hungry for. redwood to city officials are saying don't fire off a gun to celebrate new year's eve. the practice is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. they've launched their operation silent night 2011. extra officers will be on patrol december 31st and using technology to pinpoint the location of any gunfire. oakland police will have their shot spotter on duty. it can distinguish between gunfire and fire works. they're keeping an eye out for
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people who plan to discharge their guns. problem-solving officers will help spread the word about celebrating the new year safely. a police chase ended in oakland. >> keep walking. stop. drop to your knees. >> police from oakland and emeryville searched nor the suspect for about an hour. all of this began just before 11:00 this morning when police tried to pull over a stolen el camino he was driving. he hit two cars, including one near the mills college entrance on mcarthur boulevard. >> i was trying to hold on for life in my car. i guess he was gone, the police kept going. >> classes at mills college are on winter break, so there were no students on campus. new information on a story we've been following since
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mornings on two. we have the results on crack downs for dui offenders. 52 people were arrested in the sweep. we report from dublin on the reason behind this action. >> reporter: we followed a police team all morning as they knocked on doors and surprised people. they even arrested at the super market where she worked. they started warrants before the sun came up this morning. they're being enforced for several reasons -- failing to pay fines, others failed to complete paperwork. >> if you got warrants, somebody could be knocking at your door or showing up at your work: >> reporter: the program serves a dual purpose -- the obvious one, enforcement. the police participating today say it's also about education. >> it's a reminder. there are consequences for getting arrested for dui.
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everything is a reminder to get people not to drink and drive. >> reporter: officers started saturation patrols and dui check points on december 16th. before today, they had already made more than 500 dui arrests. a new cnn time poll in iowa shows mit romney in the lead. ron paul is in second and a surprise, santorem has moved up to second place and gingrich has fallen to fourth. there are just six days to go until the caucuses. >> reporter: flattery and friendliness in iowa goes a long way. >> it's a gorgeous, brilliant, sparkling day here in iowa. >> reporter: it's politics, sunny side up. >> people like us. i hear it all the time. >> reporter: less than a week
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until the caucuses with polls showing three front runners, it's turning dark. >> we ought to have a campaign of positive idea and positive solutions. >> reporter: said this about ron paul. >> i think his views are totally outside the mainstream of every decent american. >> reporter: and this about mit romney. >> he's the guy running the most ads attacking me. >> one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> serial hypocrites and flip- floppers can't clean up the mess. >> reporter: the criticism plays out through $8 million of tv ads, campaigns, and super packs sent in this month alone. going negative makes it tough for responding candidates to stay positive. >> there aren't many politicians who have spent more time paying off political
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donors than governor rick perry. >> reporter: people are growing weary of the negative attacks. >> michelle told voters she can hold her own in the presidential debates. >> i've seen every debate and i haven't seen you waiver yet on anything. >> you're exactly right. that's what we need in our next candidate. you saw me stick it to ron paul and that's what i'll do to obama. >> this is her 86th stop during her tour of iowa. president obama mediocre marks. half of the 36 economists surveyed rated the president's economic policies as fair. 13 called them poor. five gave the president good marks, but none rated his economic track record as
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excellent. the economists also overwhelming chose mit romney as the republican candidate who would do the best job managing the economy. it was reported right after 4:00 a.m. this morning on leonard drive and williams street. at some point, water of up to 2 feet was gushing from the pike. drinking water was never affected. crews are dealing with a water main break in san francisco's richmond district. it ruptured this morning near golden gate park. taken the water department crews several hours to fix this problem and clean up the resulting mess. the first in a series of solar storms could disrupt radio and satellite signals. a solar flare like this one erupted on monday and began striking the earth this
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afternoon. the national oceanic administration doesn't expect it to disrupt the grid. another dry, cold day around the bay. let's turn over to our meteorologist. he'll tell us what's ahead. >> you may have noticed a few changes through the afternoon hours. a few mid to upper level clouds pushing into the region. a little bit of activity. there is the possibility we could have a few sprinkles or spotty drizzle especially up in the north bay as we head into the evening hours and into early thursday morning. as far as temperatures from today, you can see the range from the upper 50s in a few neighborhoods back up into the upper 60s with the southerly flow out in advance of this system. you can see san jose 63 but still chilly. forecast headlines. cloud cover will continue to be on the increase. some patchy fog out there.
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tomorrow for your thursday, partly to mostly cloudy skies. that will be the theme over the next few days. that will take us into the weekend. still a sun, cloud mix. temperatures will be on the mild side as we head into saturday and also into sunday. here you can't pick out the overnight lows for tomorrow morning. the key is with the increasing clouds, temperatures will not be nearly as chilly. a forecast low of 44 in santa rosa, san jose 48, and fairfield in the mid-40s. and some patchy fog pushing back into the region. already resurfacing near the coast. the fog has been increasing in coverage over the past hour or so. you can pick out on the satellite high clouds approaching. this will be the source of a
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possible new sprinkles. nothing major, unfortunately showing up just yet. we could be talking about shower chances by friday. as we all know, it has been a very dry december. you can see over the past few weeks this month, only three measurable days of rain this month. that dry weather pattern continuing this week as well. to put this into perspective, the driest decembers on record, 0 inches back in 1876, going back a long way. 1989. and then the next record, 1874. this year so far, only .12. we're shaping up, this could be the second driest december on record in san francisco. we have more low record rainfall to report in other marts of the area, including oakland. i'll have the updated forecast model in a few minutes. we have breaking news
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concerning that occupy camp we told you about at the top of this new cast. it's the new occupy camp in oakland. the police there have just moved in and appear to be making some type of move against those campers. we are on the scene right now. what's going on? >> reporter: let me show you what i'm seeing right away. police began arresting people or issuing citations. you saw the top of our newscast when we were delivering our first report, police had just come in and informed this group here at 20th on this triangle of land that they were in fact trespassing. they gave them a 10-minute warning. as you see; police have moved in, in force to clear this camp. they just set up, and what we've been hearing is they did some research and they believed there was no owner of this
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triangle of land. we've heard from some of those people who say they are the owners of this land. they needed written consent to move in and do what they're doing. as you can see, they're making arrests and simply clearing out this camp right now. we're going to continue watching the situation as it develops. you can see that this camp was very short lived as occupy oakland tried to reestablish itself in west oakland. the social networking site adding more than 600 thousand new members per day and we're not talking about facebook. also, an outpouring of grief today from thousands and thousands of people for a fallen leader overseas. and talk about a plunge in popularity. netflix takes a hit. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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the nation of north korea put on a display of public grief today for their fallen leader. they lined the streets and wailed, beat their chests mourning the death of the man they called dear leader. observers called it a well core
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yo graphed tribute to a man who ruled with an iron fist for 17 years. the dictator's son and successor marched alongside. the procession was punctuated by the sobbing crowd, solemn music, and a thunderous military salute. even during this official mourning people, they're already hailing his son as the new supreme leader. kim il sung was the founder of north korea. the number of people joining google plus could top 400 million by this time next
5:26 pm
year. the explosion of android devices is the main reason for the membership surge. they're adding more than 600 thousand new members per day. last year they had 10 million members. netflix has plummeted. knocked netflix out of the top spot. amazon scored 88. companies customers were outraged over price hikes last month. gap and ranked third and fourth. round abouts, traffic circles. they're controversial in one town. why some residents want to go to the ballot box to stop them. it could become more difficult for seniors to find a doctor. why more and more of those
5:27 pm
doctors are choosing not to accept medicare patients.
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it's a multi-million dollar traffic plan that at least one person calls a business killer. a fight is heating up in the north bay over plans to redevelop the main drag through downtown. we are live now to show us why this plan has so many people up in arms. >> reporter: it's all about round abouts, big traffic circles. two of them, in fact, some want to install in this major thoroughfare through town. right now there's nothing remarkable about this stretch
5:30 pm
of old redwood highway. it's a four-lane road used by thousands of cars every hour. the city has a $3.5 million plan to modernize this old road by narrowing it and adding a pair of round abouts. the city council likes the plan and passed it 5-0. >> none of us businesses wants the round abouts. it's a business killer. >> reporter: she's leading a campaign to block the city's plan with signs that say protect us, no round about. >> when you go down from four to two, it's common sense that it will create congestion. >> reporter: they fear it will harm business. but owner of this cycle shop sees the existing road another way. >> right now it is like a speedway. >> reporter: she says now cars speed by so fast, she says hers and other businesses go unnoticed. she wants traffic to slow down. >> that would be an opportunity for people to get out of their
5:31 pm
cars and walk through like many of the other nice downtowns in sonoma county. >> reporter: others say it will hurt, some say it will help. it goes round and round. >> two out of three citizens were polled don't want it. >> reporter: it's a fight that has stretched for many years. >> i've always said i hope i see it before i retire. >> reporter: the project is called village main street. it may slow traffic, but it won't stop the capacity or number of cars that can go through this area. it's unclear when construction will begin or if there will be a vote to stop the round abouts. we have new information now on that hit and run injury we told you about a couple of minutes ago. the crash happened a few hours ago at 98th avenue. police were looking for a woman
5:32 pm
wanted on felony stolen vehicle and illegal drug sale warrant. the woman spotted them; gunned their car, and drove up on the sidewalk. she crashed right into a man who had just come out of a grocery store. the woman also knocked over a utility box and tore off her sideview mirror before driving off. the man is now at the hospital. police are still searching for the driver. federal investigators are trying to help determine what caused a small plane crash. it happened yesterday afternoon not far from highway 4. the pilot and passenger being treated for their injuries. the single-engine plane is registered to a chester robbins. he was trying to make an emergency landing. there was no fuel spill or fire, but the plane suffered substantial damage. been an unlucky 24 hours for flights flying out of
5:33 pm
sacramento. one had its tires blow off just before take off and one struck a bird. 2287 was forced to abort take off when two tires blew. fire crews sprayed the plane's brakes as a precaution when the passengers and crew were safely taken off the plane. >> all of a sudden you heard a loud pop and they set the nose back down. >> we were going pretty fast, then there was sort of a popping sound. >> airport crews temporarily closed the runway but didn't find any debris that could have caused the tire blow out. another was struck by a bird shortly after take off. the pilot decided to return and landed safely a short time later. none of the passengers or crew were hurt. a man who taught sky diving was killed during a dangerous
5:34 pm
high-speed maneuver. he died on impact at the paris valley sky diving field. it's a deliberate high-speed dive from the jump point and a fast skim over the ground before popping the parachute. the 32-year-old was a native of ontario, canada. finding a doctor could get tougher for certain california seniors. it's all because of how those doctors get paid. >> reporter: soon a wave of aging baby boomers will join the estimated 4.7 million californians on medicare. >> they'll find it hard because they can't afford to. >> reporter: the payment formula used to fund medicare has come up short for the past decade forcing congress to pass short-term fixes to avoid cutting reimbursements to doctors, but they're getting tired of the threat of cuts so
5:35 pm
some are choosing not to take on new medicare patients. >> they'll probably stay with their current patients, but the new patients will have trouble. >> reporter: critics of medicare want it dropped all together. instead, they want to see the government to provide seniors with vouchers to let them handle their own health care. >> it will improve health care only to the extent that federal government backs away from micro managing. >> reporter: the american medical association says california doctors will lose an average of $24,000. in washington for ktvu channel 2 news. the federal government rewarded almost two dozen states that have made it easier for children to get health care. the obama administration issued a challenge to states to enroll every uninsured child in a
5:36 pm
health care program. 23 states will share bonuses for streamlining the process of signing kids up for medicaid. many have increased child's health enrollment by 10%. >> many families having trouble affording health insurance coverage and these programs are there to fill that gap. >> california is not getting one of the bonuses, but state officials can apply against next year. beefing up security as occupy protesters threaten to disrupt a new year's tradition. they've been negotiating for several weeks. they've come to an agreement that they hope will prevent any disruptions during the parade on monday. they can march after the official floats have passed. >> it will be pretty incredible. the we the people march, the people's parade is a counter point to the corporate parade that much of the rose parade
5:37 pm
has come to embody. >> they intend to march with large banners and a few floats of their own. governor brown is finally weighing in on last month's occupy protests at the port of oakland. he said city officials should do everything possible to keep the ports open. he was mayor of oakland from 1999 to 2007 and said the city should use mutual aid to keep the port open. occupy activists have shut down that port twice in the past two months and last year the mayor said she couldn't guarantee the city could keep the port open during any future protests. could viagra be used to treat a very serious disease? the tests under way. the people's park in berkley is getting a new
5:38 pm
makeover. what they're trying to get rid of, and there are a lot of them. you may want to bring along a recording of your favorite song. the next time you're scheduled for a less than pleasant experience.
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soon have to pay more oh to get into the park. the entrance fee is set to
5:41 pm
increase from $5-$7 starting january 1st. the additional $2 will go directly to the county parks department which is facing severe budget cuts. holders of federal lands or state park passes will not have to pay anything extra. uc berkley is launching a clean up effort to make sure rats don't take over people's park. they hope the work will help get rid of the rats. crews >> we're taking those ferns out and taking away a space for rats to live. >> in the next few months, they plan to install more lights and new trash and compost bins in people's park to behelp deter the rats. bay area commuters will not be able to dedoesn't as much of their transportation expenses next year. they have been able to deduct
5:42 pm
up to $230, but the now the maximum deduction has been cut to $125 a month. however, for people who drive to work, their monthly exemption for parking will actually go up from $230 to $240. mass transit supporters say this change sends the wrong message at a time when people are being encouraged to use mass transit instead of driving. viagra may one day be prescribed for heart failure. the active ingredient makes heart muscles more elastic helping the heart pump blood more effectively. early testing is under way in humans but it's still too early to say if it will work in people will heart failure. utah researchers found
5:43 pm
volunteers listening to a favorite music melody experienced less pain than those who weren't listening to music. new numbers show california farmers ramped up their use of pesticides last year. the state department of pesticide data says farmers applied more than 173 million pounds of pesticides in 2010. that is a jump of almost 10% compared to the year before. state officials say last year's cool, wet winter and spring required more fungicide to control mildew. crop planting required more pesticides. do you know anybody who got a gun for a christmas present this year? guns were a hot-selling item. we'll tell you what may be behind the trend. and we're looking outside. kind of neat here. high clouds and the fog regrouping. the one port of the bay area that could pick up a few
5:44 pm
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the fbi says this holiday season has brought a record- breaking surge in gun sales. we are joined live now from south san francisco to tell us if the bay area is reflecting this national trend. >> reporter: well, we're here at jackson arms shooting range where it has been a busy wednesday afternoon. right now there's been a little bit of a lull in customers. besides being a shooting range, this is a store that also sells
5:47 pm
guns. recently the glock has been a popular seller. inside the shooting range, the phone has been ringing all day with customers interested in buying guns. looking to buy a small-caliber gun for his daughter. >> the large gun seems to be intimidate her, so i want to start her on something very small. >> reporter: gun sales are on the rise accord together the number of background checks according to nics. the number of background checks in december has topped the previous one-month record set in november of around 1.5 million. jackson arms owner says he has departmentally noticed an increase in gun sales. it's been his most successful year since 2001. >> i think people are feeling more positive in terms of the economy. they're coming in and spending more. >> reporter: more people who have never shot a gun have been signing up for a novice
5:48 pm
shooting class. repeat customers have been buying guns as gifts. >> i just graduated, so it was a gift to myself. >> r myself. >> a an erosion of trust makes people feel like they need to be more self-reliant. the symbolic safety of a gun might feel encouraging to some people. >> reporter: some gun owners worry tougher gun laws could be coming depending on who wins the presidential election next year. police have released a photo of a man who robbed a wal- mart store on friday night. police say the man may have been armed weenie he gave a cashier a note demanding money from the register. he appears to be a white man
5:49 pm
with a goatee. he was wearing a black and white reebok jacket. anyone with information should contact police. who are the most admired people in the united states? it's the commander in chief and one of his cabinet members. president obama was chosen the most admired man. the top five included former presidents george w. bush, george clinton, and warren buffet. hillary clinton, oprah winfrey, and condoleeza rice round out the top 5. you may recall while posing for a picture, captain greg wagner and his wife were surprised when their son cooper put his hand right in the president's mouth. they say he had his hand wrapped around the president's bottom teeth and wouldn't let
5:50 pm
go. >> planning on getting them printed and framed. we've got the newspaper printing the article for us and trying to, you know, make a scrapbook or something for him. >> as for president obama, he's laughing off the whole thing. he said he must have been attracted to his big nose. let's go over to our chief meteorologist. we're hoping to get rain, but i don't see it in the heart of the bay area. >> you can see rainfall around crescent city. as i do zoom in, there is a little sprinkle a activity and we could have a few sprinkles this evening as we head into the north bay, especially for sonoma county.
5:51 pm
looking out toward alcatrez and those clouds will be here to greet you first thing tomorrow morning. current temperatures mild out there with temperatures down at least right now, napa 58 degrees. livermore 61. finally, a few changes with our weather pattern with the storm track dipping to the south a little bit. no real significant storms in sight. tonight, we have a possibility of a few storms. tomorrow, scattered clouds. as we take this into thursday night, into friday, we do bring in the chance of a few light showers. the highest chance will be up in the north bay. this is a light shower producer. once again, the main focus will be up to the north. here is the updated forecast model. we'll take this into tomorrow. we'll take this into friday
5:52 pm
morning. rainfall is still up to our north. the system is beginning to drip to the south. we do bring shower chances, highest up in the north bay. a slight chance down in the south bay. this is mainly north of the golden gate bridge and then this moves out by friday night and that will set the stage for a dry weekend as we do wrap up the year. for tomorrow, it's 7:00. by 12:00, temperatures for afternoon highs mainly in the 50s. the warmest approaching low 60s. your extended forecast with your weekend always in view as we wrap up the year. a little rain cloud into friday to reflect the shower chances. still a sun cloud mix into the weekend. that will take us into 2012 with no real significant storms in sight. this is the time of we talk about moderate to heavy rain, but nothing is showing up just
5:53 pm
yet. >> talk about the people heading up to that to tahoe. >> this has been a remarkable month. how many police officers were killed in the line of duty and why some say this should serve as a real wake up call. om an invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit
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that's the power of german engineering.
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this has been one of the deadliest years in the recent memory for u.s. law enforcement officers. a new report out today shows the number of officers killed in the line of duty has sored. >> we're facing a much more cold-blooded criminal element. these are criminals who don't think twice about shooting a police officer. >> a preliminary report finds 173 officers died in the line of duty this year. that is a 13% jump over last year. and for the first time in 14 years, more officers were killed by gunfire than by traffic accidents. 69 officers were shot to death. that is a 15% jump over 2010. drastic cuts in law enforcement have meant fewer officers will less training and equipment. >> i hope these numbers are a wake up call to the legislators across the country. we cannot continue to cut the
5:57 pm
budgets of law enforcement agencies. when we do, people die. >> one bay area law enforcement officer died in the line of duty this year. he was shot to death while pursuing a bank robbery suspect. he's one of 10 officers killed in california this year. when it comes to traffic- related officer deaths, those fatalities dropped 10% to 64 deaths. coming up in 90 90 seconds. >> the new effort to stop accidents at a dangerous intersection. how police have just gone into the latest occupy camp in oakland. a live update on what's happening there right now. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.
5:59 pm
is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ a new round of confrontations tonight between police and occupy protesters. apple wants to do to your television what it's already done to phones. will this be the next silicone valley game changer? good evening. >> in the last hour, police have gone in and started clearing out


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